Where to Find The Best Buffets in Singapore

A Bit of History

Buffet, taken from the French word for ‘sideboard’, it generally refers to a system of dining where a large spread of food is put out for people to serve themselves. Although the origin of the word ‘buffet’ is French, the idea of a table full of food to be shared comes from the Swedish smörgåsbord and was introduced to Western culture as the anglicised ‘smorgasbord’ during the New York World’s Fair Exhibition in 1939.

Buffets are great. If you just want to eat 16 courses of dessert, go ahead, if you want to try a bit of everything a restaurant has to offer, that’s fine too. And although the price of entry is normally higher than your standard meal in a restaurant, if you show up hungry and eat enough, you can technically bring the cost per plate down considerably – so always arrive with a hearty appetite.

Our list of the best buffets in Singapore:


Mentioned in ‘Quandoo Users Top 10 Restaurants in Singapore’ and located inside The Ritz-Carlton hotel, Colony is not just one of the best buffets in Singapore, but is also one of the largest. This spot offers everything from cold meats, cheeses and sandwiches, through to a full seafood buffet, a massive salad bar, dim sum, a fruit and juice bar, plenty of local and international desserts and a mouth-watering array of cakes and ice creams… and that’s only about half of what’s on offer. Praised for its exceptional spread as well as its dedication to quality, Colony is a wonder to behold.

The Line

Inside the incredible Shangri-La Hotel, The Line is home to one of the best seafood buffets in all of Singapore. But that’s not all, as the international cuisine on offer includes the delights of Western and Asian roasted meats, Chinese and Indian spreads, dim sum, fresh salads and soups as well as cheeses, desserts, some of the best cakes in the country and more. If you’re just visiting Singapore, love seafood and only have time to try one, you won’t regret picking The Line.

Marriott Cafe

Often called ‘the freshest international buffet in Singapore’ the Marriott Cafe is setting a high… salad… bar. The massive spread at the salad and fresh vegetable bars, as well as the fruits sourced from all across the world, creates a wall of colour that’s a little mind-blowing. But the freshness doesn’t stop there. You’ll also find fresh crab, crayfish, prawns and freshly shucked oysters in the extensive seafood station, as well as a range of local delights including the famous chilli crab. In fact, Marriott Cafe inside the Marriott Singapore Tang Plaza offers over 50 international dishes, daily.


StraitsKitchen is considered by many to be the best halal buffet in Singapore. Located in the Grand Hyatt Hotel, StraitKitchen boasts a fantastic range of hawker-style cuisines served at restaurant quality, putting Singapore’s culinary history on display. The spread includes some of Singapore’s most distinctive cultural influences including Chinese, Indian, Malay and Peranakan. There is nowhere better in the entire city that combines tradition with luxury quite like Staitskitchen and is a must-try for anyone looking for authentic food without the hustle and bustle of the food markets.

Melt Cafe

Melt Cafe’s buffet is possibly most famous for its incredible Indian selection which is vast even during the reduced lunch service. Alongside the delicious range of Indian food, is a fantastic selection of both hot and cold seafood, as well as Asian and continental delicacies and a gourmet patisserie counter. This sophisticated all-day dining experience allows you to try food from all across the world without even having to leave your hotel. Located inside the Mandarin Oriental, you can dine in the main restaurant or alfresco on the patio amongst the lush and beautiful greenery. Perfect!


Carousel famously prepares all its food in halal-certified kitchens and has been voted one of the best buffets in Singapore. Universally praised for exceptional customer service as well as its extensive range of cuisines which includes Mediterranean, Asian and Japanese as well as a lavish seafood selection, a rotisserie and four dessert stations. Located inside the Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore, Carousel strives to provide a consistent and high-quality dining experience all day, every day.

Basilico Restaurant

Basilico Restaurant is one of the few buffets of this calibre that specialises on a single cuisine. Serving truly delicious Italian food, its sophisticated fine dining setting also helps to set it apart from other hotel buffets and makes it a unique and extremely popular choice. With an array of buffet styles available, from the semi-buffet dinner to the weekday brunch and lunch buffet, Basilico Restaurant in the Regent Hotel Singapore allows you to enjoy plate after plate of exceptional Italian food every day of the week. Buon appetito!

But what do you think?

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