New on Quandoo: Panamericana Singapore

Quisine’s New on Quandoo series means you’ll always be the first to know when exciting new restaurants join forces with Quandoo. We’ll help you keep your finger on the pulse of all the cool new eateries in your city – that way you can impress your friends with some insider info..

First up is Panamericana, a casual bar and grill concept restaurant in Sentosa Golf Club on Bukit Manis Road, Singapore.

Explore the cuisine of the Pan-American Highway at Panamericana

The team behind Panamericana Singapore pride themselves in “clean, honest eats with a dash of fancy”. The concept behind this stylish space is centred around serving dishes you would find along the longest stretch of road in the world – the Pan-American Highway. This iconic stretch runs from Alaska, on the West Coast of North America right through Central and South America ending at the bottom of Argentina, 50,000km later.

The food offering at Panamericana is inspired by the 14 countries along the route. So you’ll find dishes from Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Brasil, Chile, Panamá, Ecuador and more. Expect lots of grilled meats, fresh seafood and street food. Think along the lines of pork belly sliders, maple-mustard wings and oysters served with pickled chilli.

Panamericana also puts a serious emphasis on expertly mixed cocktails alongside an extensive wine, beer and spirit offering. Ever thought of combining a long island iced tea with some Pimms? Of course you haven’t. But the genius mixologists at Panamerica have and the resulting “Pimms LIIT” is absolutely delightful.

Open for lunch, dinner and drinks from Wednesday through to Sunday, with a particularly excellent weekend brunch offering, Panamericana is exactly where you should be going for your next meal out!