Vegan Cake in Singapore: The Lowdown

Vegan cake can be an elusive thing. Whether you’re a fully fledged vegan or if you just like to eat healthy every now and then, sometimes you just can’t beat a delicious slice of vegan cake.

Vegan cake is bursting with nutrients

Not only is vegan cake super nourishing for you but it also has endless health benefits. Choosing a vegan cake or raw treat over a traditional dessert means you can avoid refined sugar and trans fats. Vegan cake is usually packed full of fresh, natural ingredients such as courgette, beetroot, banana, oats, cacao, coconut and everything in between. High in fibre, vitamins and energy but low in saturated fat and sugar – choosing a vegan treat over a frosted cupcake makes an excellent life choice, don’t you think?

Vegan cake. Credit: Shutterstock \[…\] [

So you’ve fought temptation and decided to tuck into a raw, healthy treat but what kind do you feel like? A flourless chocolate brownie? Vegan cheesecake? Gingerbread apple sponge cake? Vegan lemon drizzle? A flapjack with dried cranberries? As you can see the options are endless, and lots of Singapore eateries are tapping into the health food craze with excellent results. So, read on and find the perfect spot for your next sweet vegan fix!


If you ever feel in need of a detox, Frunatic in Orchard is the place to go. This popular eatery does a nine-course meal that is completely dairy and sugar-free, while still tasting absolutely delicious. Cleanse yourself from the inside out with a meal at Frunatic Singapore, and be sure to keep an eye out for the raw vegan cheesecake with goji berry jam over a layer of silky smooth lemon – it’s out of this world!

HRVST by Kilter Avenue

This cool, vegan joint prides itself on being a lifestyle place where people can exercise, relax and refuel on healthy dishes. What that means, really, is that you’ll find some of the freshest food in Singapore on offer at the HRVST cafe on Kilter Avenue. With sweet treats such as caramelised pineapple rings with tart crumbs served with clove ice cream, and the vegan Black Forest gateaux, this is one excellent spot for vegan cake in Singapore.

Wholesome Savour Singapore

There are so many amazing raw cake options at Wholesome Savour Singapore that you simply won’t believe your eyes. A few of our favourites include the bitter raw cacao ganache with raspberries on a crunchy hazelnut and cacao nib crust; the cultured macadamia, mango and passion fruit cream with a crunchy macadamia and coconut crust and the rosewater strawberries and white chocolate cream with a crunchy pistachio and fig crust. But in reality, they’re all pretty darn delicious. These nutrient-dense vegan cakes are downright dreamy, so make sure you hit up this Orchard Road spot!