Spotlight Series – Holey Moley Golf Club

Welcome back to another Spotlight Series, where we sneak into the kitchens of Singapore’s best restaurants, cafés and bars to chat about the hospitality industry with some of the city’s most passionate foodies.

This time around, we’re talking Instagrammable cocktails, holes-in-one, the future of dining out and more with Maleik Edwards from Holey Moley Golf Club. Edwards is the Brand Manager of Holey Moley, a mini-golf course and bar concept that began in Australia and has since expanded into New Zealand and right here in Singapore’s Clarke Quay. Combining 27 rounds of pop-culture themed holes, upbeat tunes, American-inspired eats (including some of Singapore’s best burgers) and creative cocktails, this is by far par one of the city’s most exciting dining out experiences.

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What do you feel your restaurant adds to Singapore’s restaurant scene?

We think Holey Moley is a fantastic addition to Singapore’s amazing and vibrant dining out scene – which we think is absolutely one of the best in the world! Alongside a delicious array of American-themed dishes and sides, we also have a wide array of wacky and incredibly Instagrammable cocktails, to keep you hydrated between 27 holes of crazy, pop-culture themed mini-golf. There aren’t many experiences like Holey Moley in Singapore, which is why we think we’ve had such an amazing reaction since opening!

If you could sit down for a meal at your restaurant with any two people in the world, who would you choose and why?

John Daly and Adam Sandler from Happy Gilmore, two absolute legends of golf who also know how to have an amazing time out!

Where do you see the future of dining out or the restaurant scene in general?

We think delivering a dining experience which caters for a wide variety of dietary needs and ethical considerations has become incredibly important for restaurants. As well as catering for as many customers as possible, it’s also becoming necessary for restaurants to demonstrate their commitment to a range of ethical considerations through initiatives like sustainable packaging and environmentally-friendly menu options. The latter is an area in which restaurants can demonstrate their forward-thinking approach to food that will align with the values of conscious consumers.

Is there a dish on your menu that you’re most proud of and is there a story behind it?

Our Sugar Caddy is our famous cocktail and is an absolute Instagram sensation. With a delicious range of lollies as well as a sweet and refreshing base drink, it’s the one dish which not only sums up Holey Moley, but has helped expand the brand across 3 countries and 19 venues through literally tens of thousands of Instagram posts!

What are your food trend predictions for the coming years?

We think that one of the biggest food trends to increase over the next few years will be the importance of the dining experience being as important as the food itself. The unprecedented number of restaurants and bars around the world, as well the rise of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, will require dining experiences to be completely unique from each other. Therefore we think one-of-a-kind experiences like Holey Moley, that combine fun entertainment with delicious food and cocktails will become even more popular.

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