For you, the die hard foodies of the world, your appetite to support your favourite restaurants, cafes and bars has never been so great.

To satisfy this ravenous hunger, we’ve all been desperately jumping at every opportunity to back these local establishments. Relishing in the excuse to order take-out and deliveries several times a week, purchasing gift cards for the future days of dining out to come, following restaurants’ new online cooking classes… Not even a global pandemic can get in the way of us connecting with our beloved restaurants.

To celebrate this unbreakable relationship between diner and restaurant, we are excited to introduce you to our new campaign…

We are on a mission to circulate messages of love, hope and support to the restaurant community. Using the power of social media for good, we invite you to join an online conversation to boost the morale of all who work in the restaurant world.

Basically, we’re creating one giant love letter.

How to create your #WhenWeDineAgain message

Think about all the things you miss about your usual dining spots. It could be a particular dish, a cute barista who makes your daily coffee, the family who own your local Italian restaurant… Then, translate your feelings of nostalgia into a social media post so that restaurants know you’re thinking of them.

These messages of love can come in any form.

You could film a video message, try to recreate a dish that you always order at your favourite restaurant, get artsy and draw your much-loved dining spots, share an old photo of a memorable dining experience with a heartfelt caption alongside it or fill in one of our neat Instagram story templates. There are no rules – so let your creativity run wild!

Click here for our fun story templates


How to upload your message

Once you’ve got your message of love ready to go, follow these three quick steps:

1. Upload to your Facebook or Instagram feed or Instagram story2. Tag your favourite restaurant, @quandoo_sg and use #whenwedineagain so we can feature you!3. Spread the love by sharing with your friends and family and challenging them to do the same

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

We’ll be sharing more stories from the #whenwedineagain conversation – stay tuned!