Can’t Get Enough of Your Bots, Baby

Let’s talk to Q-Chat | Singapore’s best new reservations bot

Recently we wrote an article on the way chatbots are changing the way Singapore books restaurants, and since then things have taken a pretty exciting turn. And before you roll your eyes and think, how on earth could something about a chatbot be exciting?… Hear us out.

While the topic of chatbots may not seem that exciting to some, this new feature is set to open up the way you book a table at your favourite restaurants. Cue excitement.

Basically, we’re thrilled to announce an excellent new product from Quandoo that allows you to book restaurants via chatbot. Welcome to the world of Q-Chat: Booking Assistant. But what does this fancy new development mean exactly? Well, aside from the high tech wizardry that went on behind the scenes, for the rest of us it just means that you can now book restaurants via Facebook Messenger instantly.

Not an app person? We got you

Q-Chat: Booking Assistant is entirely linked to Facebook Messenger. Meaning, there’s no need to fill out forms or download any extra apps or features (except the Quandoo app – it’s the best).  Why? Because you filled in all your details when you made your Facebook account eons ago. All you need to do is go to Messenger, search for Quandoo SG, then the bot will guide you to a restaurant, book you in and send you an email confirmation. You rarely need to type, you simply tap the options provided. This Singapore, is the future… of booking restaurants via chatbot at least.


That’s it. All over, you’re booked in. No extra bits, nothing annoying, nada. Besides, all the cool kids are using bots to book restaurants these days. Quandoo launched Q-Chat this July and so far, everyone has been more than impressed. It’s genuinely like talking to a friend… albeit a seriously easy-going friend.

Stay social with Q-Chat

Dining out is one of the most social activities around, so it makes sense that reserving a table should be social too. Booking a restaurant via chatbot bridges that gap by removing the fuss – and, we are seriously excited about it.  Why not give this reservation bot technology a go and book a restaurant via chatbot? Our guess is that you’ll become a Q-Chat convert.

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