Here’s Where to Get Your Cake Delivery in Singapore

There’s no need to call off your relationship with cake during the circuit breaker.

Although we may not be able to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions with crowds of friends, thankfully the most important party ritual is staying. We’re talking about cake, of course.

Bakers across Singapore are mixing day and night to ensure your cake tin (and stomach) is never empty.

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke birthday cake, vegan cake, gluten-free cake or just a decadent slice of cake to get you through your morning of Zoom calls, our list of the best cake deliveries in Singapore will help keep your days that little bit sweeter (birthday or not).

Get Singapore’s Best Cakes Delivered to Your Doorstep

Two Bakers

As soon as Two Bakers released their catalogue of whole cakes on Instagram, orders have been non-stop. No surprises there. The cake menu currently features six different flavours, including a pandan sponge cake with coconut mousse, a matcha chiffon cake and a beautiful yuzu lemon curd sable tart. If one of these showed up on our doorstep, we’d be very happy indeed. To order, call 62930329 (Two Bakers Horne Road) or 62416393 (Two Bakers Serangoon).Cakes range from $45 – $58

Kith Café

New York style raspberry cheesecake, salted caramel chocolate cake, red velvet cake… Good luck trying to keep your fork out of one of Kith Café’s sweet delights. Simply order a cake online for pick-up or delivery and be rewarded with a decadent dessert that’ll feed 10 – 12 people (or a very hungry household). You can even add candles to your order for all those wish-making moments.Cakes range from $48 – $75

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Wildseed at The Summerhouse

If you like your cake to look as beautiful as it tastes, then you’ll love Wildseed’s approach to baking. The café has two lush locations at The Summerhouse and the Alkaff Mansion. With five days notice, Wildseed will work their magic to deliver what could be one of the best cakes you’ve ever set eyes on. At the moment, flavours include a zingy citronella passionfruit cake, chocolate raspberry cheesecake, strawberry shortcake and ondeh-ondeh cake.All cakes are priced at $75

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Jones the Grocer

While you may not be able to invite all your friends to the party, we highly recommend you reserve a VIP spot for one of Jones the Grocer’s celebratory cakes. Baked fresh every morning by a team of artisan bakers, you’ll find crowd-pleasers like classic chocolate cakes, lemon meringue pie and a delightful orange pistachio honey polenta cake. These beauties are available in 500g or 1kg sizes with the option to add a personal message. To pre-order, WhatsApp +65 8251 7504 to arrange pick-up or island-wide delivery.


Think of a cake and chances are Cedele has it ready to pop into a box and deliver to your doorstep. Matcha, red velvet, ondeh ondeh, carrot cake, black forest… It’s all there. Better yet, this boutique bakery chain even puts a healthy twist on many classic flavours. From the most decadent of chocolate cakes to vegan and refined sugar free varieties, there’s a slice with everyone’s name on it.Cakes range from $40 – $65

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Tarte by Cheryl Koh

Though not technically a ‘cake’, our love affair with tarts gives them the right to this cake delivery list. And if there’s any tart shop that should be mentioned, it’s Tarte by Cheryl Koh. This award-winning pastry chef combines her patisserie expertise with high-quality ingredients and a good dose of passion to create some of the island’s most elegant tarts. Each tart is available in small, medium or large with knockout flavours including mixed berries, Roussillon apricot and pandan coconut.Cakes range from $8 (small) – $85 (large)

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PS Café

If you’re going to be stuck at home, you may as well have a whole cake from PS Café to keep you company. You can order them by the slice, but for birthday bashes and general circuit breaker cravings, we suggest you go big. Bold and beautiful flavours include a golden banana butterscotch bundt, flourless orange cake and Florida key lime pie.Cakes range from $42 – $62

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Alma by Juan Amador

Alma is a Michelin-starred restaurant that knows the importance of cake – even in the world of fine dining. Jumping on the basque cheesecake trend, Alma is whipping up their own signature version of this creamy dessert. The restaurant takes orders for whole cakes only, available for either pick-up or delivery.Alma’s basque cheesecake is $49

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Ugly Cake Shop

Has your kid’s request for a Peppa Pig, Harry Potter or dinosaur-shaped cake been keeping you up at night? Ugly Cake Shop has your back. Armed with flour, eggs and a range of natural ingredients (it’s a fondant-free zone at this bakery) these cake wizards can turn any cartoon, animal or imaginative request into its delicious cake form. As well as taking custom orders, Ugly Cake Shop has a collection of birthday cakes ready to order online to impress all ages – from dramatic drip cakes and 4-layered berry cakes to ones with hand-piped teddy bear faces.Cakes range from $30 – $160

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Delcie’s Desserts

With Delcie’s Desserts on the show, even the most health-conscious among us can have their cake and devour it too. Defying traditional cake recipes, this much-loved Singapore cake shop uses extra nice ingredients to cater to every dietary requirement (without compromising on flavour). Choose between vegan, diabetes-friendly, baby-friendly, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and keto-friendly cakes or work with the in-house bakers for customised cake orders.

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The Orchard Cafe

Orchard Hotel is not just somewhere to rest your head – and there’s plenty of pudding to prove it. Residing on the lobby level of the hotel, The Orchard Cafe is nailing it in the sweet department. The bakers create traditional-style cakes that you wouldn’t find in every café cabinet, and are currently available for pick-up or delivery. Choose between the signature mango cake, pulut hitam gateau (a traditional Malaysian / Singapore dessert), matcha opera cake and many more decadent slices.

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