The Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore

The Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore

In the last few years, Korean culture – in all its forms – has been taking the world by storm, with everything from ‘Gangnam Style’ to the advent of Korean BBQ.

With so many Korean restaurants to choose from in Singapore, it can be a little daunting at first to figure out which is the best place for you. But don’t worry – that’s where we come in. We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of the best Korean restaurants in Singapore. Enjoy!

So, have you eaten?

E!ght Korean BBQ

E!ght Korean BBQ is taking pork to a whole new level. With its signature dish of pork eight ways, all cooked to perfection at tableside BBQ stations, there really is nowhere better to get your pork on. If beef is more your thing, then you have Argentinian grass-fed USDA prime and Japanese wagyu to feast on, which is nothing to turn your nose up at.

All the food at E!ght Korean BBQ is expertly cooked at individual grilling stations, meaning you and your friends can kick back and relax with a nice drink in hand while you watch your feast get prepared right before your very eyes.

If you’re in Clarke Quay and are in the mood for Korean BBQ, then you’ll want to check out E!ght Korean BBQ.

Wang Dae Bak

Wang Dae Bak goes out of its way to create an atmosphere that is both inclusive and authentic. The aim is and always has been to make stepping into this restaurant feel like stepping into a small slice of South Korea, and they have honestly done a fantastic job.

Inspired by the rise of retro in Korea, Wang Dae Bak offers a space where you can enjoy simple food prepared well, fine drinks and conversation with good company. They also attribute a lot of their own success to a steadfast dedication to standards in quality of ingredients and only cooking over charcoal.

It’s fun and it’s delicious – what more could you want?! You can find it on Cross Street in Chinatown.


Bornga is a successful restaurant chain straight out of South Korea. Founded by renowned celebrity chef Jong Won Paik, Bornga offers a range of authentic and traditional Korean dishes, including but not limited to BBQ.

That said, their signature dish is the Woo Sam Gyup, which is basically beef bacon dressed with their special marinade – and it’s delicious. But as I said, that’s not all. Other classic dishes include the Sundubu jjigae, japchae and the bibim naengmyeon.

There are currently two outlets in Singapore, one in Suntec City Mall and the other on Harbourfront Walk.

Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant

Brightly lit with clean decor, including an eye-catching orange sign that helps to lure customers in, Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant is a real local gem, offering both a la carte and set menus. Diners can choose to go from dish to dish or dive into a full feast depending on how hungry they are. Like many other Korean BBQ restaurants, each table has an individual extraction system to ensure that the food gets infused with the great taste of BBQ while your clothes remain nice and fresh.

You can find Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant on Tg Pagar Road in Tanjong Pagar.

I’m Kim Korean BBQ

I’m Kim Korean BBQ doesn’t just celebrate the fantastic food of Korea – it recognises the country’s iconic culture as well. This means that as diners grill their food to perfection, they can watch up-to-date K-pop stars on the big screens across the restaurant. Along with the succulent meats, you can tuck into an incredible array of veggies, seafood and soups. If you aren’t in the mood for BBQ, you can order local as well as pre-cooked Korean dishes from the kitchen. So no matter which way you slice it, I’m Kim Korean BBQ is a good time waiting to happen. And as an added bonus, it’s just a few minutes walk from Dhoby Ghaut Station.

You can find it on Zubir Said Drive in Dhoby Ghaut.

Super Star K

From a visual standpoint, Super Star K follows many of the usual trends of other Korean BBQ restaurants: small silver tables, a slightly industrial look with individual extraction systems for each grilling station and dark walls. That being said, Super Star K really sets itself apart from its peers with its wide range of marinades and meats, as well as its generous portions and very reasonable prices. The friendly staff are always on hand to offer help with cooking or making a selection, which is especially useful considering just how much variety you have to choose from at this Tanjong Pagar restaurant.

Super Star K is certainly a place to come when you’re extra hungry.

You can find it on Tg Pagar Road in Tanjong Pagar.

SBCD Korean Tofu House

You wouldn’t be blamed if at this point you thought Korean food was only BBQ, but that’s why SBCD Korean Tofu House is here to promote some of the other fantastic food Korea has to offer. Specialising in soon tofu soup (soon meaning soft), SBCD Korean Tofu House prides itself on using top quality, hand-made silken tofu. Importing soybeans directly from Paju in South Korea to ensure that diners get the best possible flavour and texture every time. SBCD Korean Tofu House has become famous for its ten-ingredient secret recipe broth. Once you try it, you’ll understand why.

SBCD Korean Tofu House has two outlets in Singapore, one in Tanjong Pagar Centre and the other in Millenia Walk. Thanks to head chef Nam Kyoung Soo, they’re both as fantastic as each other.

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Hello Korean BBQ

Hello Korean BBQ showcases the very best of Korean cuisine in both traditional a la carte dishes and of course, charcoal-cooked Korean BBQ. Few places do it like this one, with an all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet that’ll have you asking yourself, “how much Korean BBQ can I actually eat?!” With everything from pork collar and belly to boneless chicken legs and even prawns on offer in an array of marinades, Hello Korean BBQ is definitely one of our favourites on this list.

The delights don’t stop there, as there is also a great selection of classic Korean dishes like the cold noodles and army stew. Basically, there is a lot of very good reasons to try this restaurant out.

You can find it on Circular Road by Singapore River.

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Don Dae Bak

Don Dae Bak is a cosy restaurant that proudly serves up locally-sourced meats for you to barbecue. Like many other venues, there is a fantastic extraction system in place that not only helps infuse the smoky flavours of meat fat on charcoal into the food, but also helps to keep your clothes clean. You’ll also find many other great dishes like Korean stews, bibimbap, Korean omelettes and more here. Don Dae Bak is a great choice when you want to try a range of different Korean dishes with a partner or a group of friends.

You can find them on Kreta Ayer Road in Outram.

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Chang Korean

Chang Korean is a restaurant that goes out of its way to not only provide customers with the best BBQ possible, but to also ensure that health and fine dining isn’t left out of the equation. You can get all your favourite Korean dishes here, all designed to tantalise your taste buds. You’ll find a number of traditional dishes with modern touches that deliver on taste, and tick all of the boxes relating to healthy eating too. Dining out at Chang Korean is a bit like living your best life.

You can find them on Loewen Road in Tanglin.

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Kko Kko Nara

Little known fact: KFC means something very different in Kko Kko Nara. Korean fried chicken is actually just as famous and delicious as BBQ chicken, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place than this in all of Singapore. The food here is crunchy, spicy and unlike its American counterpart, it’s not super greasy either. Kko Kko Nara’s owner Ms Eon Lee spent months perfecting her recipes before opening the restaurant’s doors back in 2008, and she has seen a large following of loyal customers visit her eatery ever since. You can pick from original, soy garlic sauce, sweet & spice or hot & spicy depending on your mood. All are just as delicious as each other and once you’ve tried them, you’ll understand why this is such a popular Singaporean dinner spot.

You can find them on Tg Pagar Road in Tanjong Pagar.

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If sipping soju and listening to K-pop sounds like the perfect day for you, then this is the perfect restaurant for you. Specialising in all types of authentic Korean food, Todamgol is a fantastic spot to pop into for a quick affordable lunch as well as a larger, more decadent dinner. The rustic decor gives the impression of sitting in a traditional Korean village, and when coupled with the great food and first-class service, you’ll find that Todamgol is well worth a visit.

You can find it on Tg Pagar Road in Tanjong Pagar.

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