Say No to Straws – Over 270 Food & Beverage Outlets Across Singapore Already Have!

Say No to Straws – Over 270 Food & Beverage Outlets Across Singapore Already Have!

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) announced earlier this week that over 270 food and beverage outlets across Singapore will phase out the use of plastic straws by July 1, 2019.

While the use of single-use plastic and plastic pollution in general, extends far beyond the simple straw, it is a strong first step towards businesses taking responsibility for the waste they produce. Yet the PACT (Plastic ACTion) initiative doesn’t stop there.

In association with the WWF, the National Environment Agency and Zero Waste SG, the main goal goes beyond just reducing the use of plastics. It’s also about education and working alongside businesses to help them facilitate smarter actions in the future. This will help them from unknowingly using alternatives which have a higher environmental impact, or a potentially higher carbon footprint.

“Driven by a wave of consumer support, businesses have taken the first action to remove straws,” said Kim Stengert, the chief, strategic communication and external relations at WWF-Singapore, in a statement released by the WWF on June 3.

“This is a tangible first step and a strong signal that they are starting to take responsibility for the plastics that they use. This is a great example of voluntary action by businesses, and while we work with the groups on next steps, we encourage more brands to join the effort.”

The list of organisations joining this effort boasts some very high-powered and internationally recognised brand. Examples include the Accor Group, who own hotel chains Swissotel and IbisGrand Hyatt Singapore as well as Nando’s Singapore, the South African restaurant chain.

This marks a bold step towards reducing the amount of plastic waste that’s generated and shows a real commitment towards a brighter and greener future for Singapore, and hopefully the world.

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We’d also like to promote those outlets who are helping to make the world a bit better. Here is a list of all Quandoo restaurants who will be taking part in this monumental first step:

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If you’d like to know more, or want to get yourself or your company involved, please check out PACT (Plastic ACTion) here!

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