Green is the New Black (tie)

Green is the New Black (tie)

When it comes to business trips, many companies are factoring in the effect travel has on the environment. As a result, there has recently been a big push towards consciously picking where to stay and eat to help offset the environmental impact. Likewise, on a personal level, more and more people are turning to vegan and vegetarian diets, not only because of the health benefits but also to help combat the negative impact the meat industry has on the environment with regards to over-farming, greenhouse gases and animal cruelty.

Grand Hyatt Singapore

This brings us to the Grand Hyatt Singapore, which has gone out of its way to reduce its carbon footprint, promote sustainability, find innovative ways to reduce its waste production and support communities in need. Making it not only a luxury 5-star hotel but a front runner in combating climate change.

Plant-Based Diet

There are a total of five great restaurants at Grand Hyatt Singapore including some of the top-rated restaurants in the country. Despite each offering different cuisines, what they all have in common is their dedication to sustainability, thoughtful sourcing and the use of exceptional plant-based ingredients. You’ll be able to find Beyond Meat, Beyond Sausage, JUST egg and omnipork on all their menus and 80% of their seasonal, organic vegetables are sourced from cooperative growers in the Cameron Highlands. But the dedication to combating climate change doesn’t stop there, as the hotel’s rooftop garden is the source of the herbs used in all the dishes at Grand Hyatt Singapore. This means you get dishes made from the freshest ingredients possible, while the hotel takes active steps towards reducing its carbon footprint.

You’ll also find that the plastic straws are eco-friendly, 100% compostable and sustainable PLA straws; the plastic stirrers are reusable and stainless steel; plastic bags and takeaway containers are all biodegradable and the plastic stainless steel pens have been replaced with biodegradable pens made out of recycled paper.

Wine and Seafood

Among its many accolades, in 2015 the Grand Hyatt Singapore was awarded Chain of Custody and Marine Stewardship Council certificates for the steps it has taken to use sustainable seafood. They also work with Rainforest Alliance to guarantee that all coffee served is completely sustainable. Additionally, they only serve certified-organic wines by the glass.

Giving Back to the Community

Working hand-in-hand with Food from the Heart and Kerbside Gourmet, Grand Hyatt Singapore collects all excess breakfast pastries and edible leftovers from the buffets and blast chills them. Then, they are vacuum sealed and distributed to families in need and community centres. Anything else that cannot be kept gets converted into pathogen-free organic fertiliser through the hotel’s waste management plant. This is then used for landscaping, including for the rooftop herb garden. This ensures that none of the food waste ends up in the Singapore landfill and it has helped the hotel eliminate the use of 55,000 trash bags and save over $100,000 per year on waste haulage.

But it doesn’t stop at food. All leftover soaps, shampoos and conditioners are collected, crushed and sanitised by Clean The World. They are then reformed into bars that are distributed to families and children who live in high-risk areas for hygiene-related illnesses. They currently distribute 26,000 bars of soap to families all over the world.

Smart Design

In 2000, Grand Hyatt Singapore made the decision to totally re-engineer all air conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems which reduced energy consumption by 8 million kWh, and water consumption by 65,000m3 annually. Then in 2013, they installed their own Trigeneration Plant which uses natural gas to produce heat, power and cooling. This gives the hotel the opportunity to produce some of its own electricity and uses waste heat to generate hot water, steam and refrigeration. This, in turn, reduces the hotel’s carbon emissions by up to 1200 tonnes per year.

The Point

Singapore is one of the largest business hubs in the world and attracts millions of visitors every year. As the very real spectre of global warming looms overhead, more and more people are looking for the green option. So, we think we can all agree that when visiting Singapore, the smart choice for people who care about themselves and the environment is the Grand Hyatt Singapore, where through smart design and practices you can enjoy luxury while knowing that it’s not done at the expense of the planet.


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