What You Need to Know About Restaurants Reopening in Singapore

Restaurants are allowed to reopen for dine-in services from this Friday 19 June onwards. To say we’re excited would be an complete understatement.

On May 19, it was first announced that Singapore would start exiting the circuit breaker from June 1.

As outlined in a virtual press conference by Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong, the COVID-19 related restrictions will ease across Singapore in three proposed phases.

Phase 1 has already kicked off. This has seen around 75% of economic activity return to (almost) normal. Households are allowed to receive two visitors a day and schools, hairdressers, places of worship and other low risk activities have also resumed.

During phase one, restaurants are unable to reopen for dine-in services – but that’s all about to change.

Restaurants Reopening During Phase 2

After two weeks of low and stable infection rates in Singapore, government and healthcare authorities have made the decision to move Singapore into Phase 2.

Phase 2 is all about ‘Safe Transition’. Almost the entire economy is set to gradually open over a few months. And most importantly – you get to start dining in at your favourite restaurants!

Of course, restaurants will need to have the proper measures in place to ensure the dining out experience is safe for both their staff and diners. Here are some of the rules and regulations you can expect…

Maximum of five diners at each table

One of the major restrictions for dining out during Phase 2 is proper social distancing between each table and limitations on diner numbers. Dining parties at restaurants and hawker centres will be limited to a maximum of five guests at each table. This is inline with the maximum number of social gatherings allowed in Phase 2.

Why five? Mr Wong noted that “if an infection was to happen, then you limit that cluster to that group of five people who are together with that infection person at any one time.” Any smaller and that restricts families from gathering together. Any larger, and the risk of large infection clusters forming and multiplying is greater.

With the restrictions on dining numbers, restaurant bookings will be more important than ever. Therefore, our Quandoo family is working tirelessly to keep restaurant reservation pages up to date.

Curfew on liquor sales and entertainment restrictions

Food and beverage establishments are not allowed to sell alcohol after 10.30pm. Wong said live music and video screenings will also be prohibited in some businesses. This is to limit the risk of guests becoming loud, spreading droplets while they eat or hanging around for longer than necessary.

Bars and nightclubs will not reopen just yet

Sorry everyone. We’ll have to wait a little longer to hit the dance floors or drink at the local bar again.

Continue to support your local restaurants

Not all hospitality establishments will be able to unfold their tables and chairs for dine-in guests straight away. We encourage you to continue to do what you can to support the local restaurant community. That could be by ordering takeaway and delivery, sending a #WhenWeDineAgain message, recreating brunch recipes from chefs at home, ordering cake deliveries for birthday celebrations and more.

We understand dining out will not be the same as it was before. Communal dining and buffet style restaurants may be off the cards for some time. But you can rest assure that Singapore dining establishments will be doing everything they can to keep each dining moment as special as before.

We will keep you informed with the latest updates as they come to air. In the meantime, continue to support your favourite dining spots – and get excited about dining out again very soon.

Beurre is just one beautiful restaurant we can’t wait to dine inside again \[…\]

Our 10 Picks of Quandoo Restaurants Reopening on June 19

1. Alma by Juan Amador

2. Zafferano Italian Restaurant & Lounge

3. Kitchen Kumars

4. Yàn

5. Straits Chinese Restaurant

6. Beurre

7. La Jiang Shan Hotpot

8. Suki-Ya

9. Fragrant Garden

10. Cat Café Neko no Niwa